Shell No!

Save the Arctic – Stop Shell


To Ed Murray and the elected officials of Seattle:

As global citizens concerned about climate change, we call on you to stop Shell from using the Port of Seattle for catastrophic Arctic drilling. This is a make-or-break moment that will determine our ability avoid runaway global warming. We stand behind you in safeguarding our futures by doing everything in your democratic authority to prevent Shell from flaunting the law and mooring in the Port of Seattle, or holding the leases and permits to do so.

The US government just gave oil giantShell the go-ahead to drill in thepristine Arctic,putting our climate and the ocean’s majestic wildlife under grave risk. But there’s a way we can stop this.

Before Shell can get to the Arctic, their monster ship needs to gear up in Seattle. Butone man hasthe power to turn Shell away — Seattle’s green mayor Ed Murray.He’s already told Shell that they don’t have permission to service their rigsin Seattle, but they’ve essentially saidthat they’re coming whether the Citylikes it or not.

Now it’s up to Ed to decide whether to lay down or go all-in for the Arctic. We know he’s with us, but it takes real guts tostand up to one of the most powerful companies in history.Let’s show the Mayor that the whole world stands with himand the people of Seattle in doing whatever it takes to say “Shell No!” to Arctic drilling — sign now:



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