Resistance to Police Brutality and Racism in the US

Resistance to Police Brutality and Racism in the US
Mainstream media goes out of its way to slander and stereotype black people and communities in the U.S. in a racist bid to justify violence against them.

The brutal killing of Michael Brown, the unarmed teenage boy shot six times a week ago by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, is a reminder of the widespread racism and violence that to date persists against minorities throughout the United States. It has also demonstrated that mainstream media still manipulates information to justify the violence of whites against blacks and other ethnic minorities, which it systematically slanders by portraying them as thugs, drug addicts, and uneducated people. teleSUR provides an unvarnished view of the problems that affect U.S. society and the obstacles and struggles of people of color in the United States.


Defamation of Character and Criminalization of Black People in the US  

Every 28 Hours a Black Person is Killed by the Police in the US

Resilience at the Core of Resistance 

Legacy of Resistance to the US Police State


Latinos Call for Solidarity with Ferguson

Venezuela Slams US Racism

Police Officer Suspended for Death Threats in Ferguson

Protests Expected in 37 Cities of the U.S. for Murder of Michael Brown

​UN Official Says Events in Ferguson are Reminiscent of ‘Apartheid’

ALBA Expresses Solidarity with Protesters in Ferguson



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