Even the progressive politicians join ambiguity

We already know the open anti Palestinian position of Harper government. We know that silence of political parties and politicians is a shame. And now it is disappointing that   we cannot expect a firm and clear position from the NDP against the crimes of Israel in the present military offensive. .


As the previous offensives, since 1947 and 1948 until the present one, the is a planner and executor of the crimes of killing, capturing, expelling, humiliating, stealing land and water, making  refugee camps and cities like prisons or ghettos, destroying the fields and the houses, bombing, embargoing.  This planner and executor has been and is Israel.


And in the present situation- as well as in the past- there is only one targeted victim: Palestinian people.


Why is too difficult to understand this equation: one aggressor -Israel_ and one targeted victim: Palestinian people?


Why it is too difficult to comprehend that as any people suffering oppression, repression, humiliation, cleansing, segregation and so on, the Palestinian people has the right to defend, resist and end their suffering by getting any means (since stones, machetes, tunnels, rockets and so on) .


The truth solidarity is based on the comprehension of the goals and dreams of Palestinian people:


1 End this [present criminal military offensive of Israel against Gaza and Cisjordania


2 End the historical; and perverse oppression, repression, cleansing, stealing territories and water, building walls, demolishing houses, bombing, by Israel.


3 That Palestinian people scattered around the world return to his homeland.


4 Establishes the Estate of Palestine, free, independent, sovereign and self-determine.





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According to Pernille Ironside from the UNICEF Office in Gaza 392 children were killed and 2502 injured. Authorities in Gaza informed that 1867 Palestinian were killed and 9563 are injured. This number can chaged when there is a more detail inquire. I, WE ask for sanction to Isrrael for WAR CRIME. Dionicio Barrales


Mrs. Linda Duncan:

Thank you to answer me in a letter with regards of my concerns that are coming from many peoples in our Chilean Community. It is frustrating that any of the Canadian political parties have been acting in favor of the oppressed and against the bullying forces of Israel. Israel is doing this war crime because they have the support of the imperialist government forces of USA and the European Union. I do not think that in Europe and United States peoples condone this inhuman atrocities committed by Israel in this indiscriminate bombardment against Palestinian people in Gaza.


Cynicism and hypocrisy is to compare the “suffering of Israelis and Palestinian” or said that the “violation of international humanitarian laws by Hamas for throwing rockets into Israel” can be compared by the bombardment of Israel into Palestinian territory. This is an historical conflict with interests of imperial forces. If the political stand of Canadian political parties is stay in the middle, is a clear alliance to the US international policies.


Now, Israel needs to pay for the genocide against Palestinian people in Gaza and I believe that the social movement are the only one that can play a role to an international campaign against Israel. Apparently Canadian political parties are defending the status quo of injustice and an eternal submission to the dictates of USA.



Dionicio Barrales Leal



A satellite photo of the Nuseirat refugee camp in Gaza

From: []
Sent: August 6, 2014 3:09 PM
Subject: Israel and Gaza


Dear Mr. Barrales – Thank you very much for contacting my office with your concerns.  I am certain all Canadians share my distress with the mounting deaths of innocent civilians in Gaza, the trauma suffered by Israelis and Palestinians from the constant bombardment and the failure by both sides to commit to a lasting ceasefire. I have received letters, emails and phone calls expressing outrage over this conflict. I have encouraged all to contact the Government of Canada to call on them to condemn the bombing by both sides and restore aid.


Federal New Democrats have issued repeated calls for our federal government to condemn the constant barrage and to join international calls for a ceasefire. Hamas must be condemned for sending missiles into Israel, and Israel, despite its right of defence, for the scale of its retaliation.


As Paul Dewar, Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic, stated on Friday, yet another shelling by the IDF of a United Nations shelter in Gaza housing innocent civilians fleeing the violence was horrifying and completely unacceptable. According to Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights the bombing of homes, schools, hospitals, and UN premises means a violation of Israel’s international obligation to protect the right to housing, right to food, right to clean water of Gazans under its obligation as an occupying force. She has also said that Hamas has violated international humanitarian law by firing rockets from heavily populated areas indiscriminately into Israel. Canada must call on Israel to observe international law and take measures to protect civilians, as well as calling on Hamas to cease their bombing.


As New Democrats, we remain consistent in our commitment to working with partners for peace and justice in Israel and Palestine, within a framework of respect for international and humanitarian law. This includes recognition of the right of both Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace and security in viable, independent states with negotiated and agreed-upon borders.


Since the conflict began – in written and verbal statements – we have continued to call for an immediate ceasefire, better protection for civilians, the unimpeded provision and distribution of humanitarian assistance within Gaza – including food, fuel and medical treatment – and for all parties to abide by international law. We pressured Minister Baird immediately – weeks ago – to respond to UNWRA’s emergency appeal for contributions to help Palestinian refugees.


We have called on Canada to take a leadership role in ensuring the protection of innocent civilian lives, securing an immediate ceasefire and working towards a lasting, negotiated settlement to the conflict. We will continue to push the government to oppose illegal settlements, a serious obstacle to a just and lasting peace, and to support a negotiated two-state settlement. The following is a selection of our statements reported in the media that address the government’s failure to provide a constructive and balanced response to this tragic conflict:


The Hill Times (30/07/14): “We totally disagree with the government’s approach. We think it’s not balanced. We think that we should be telling our friends, Israel and [Prime Minister] Netanyahu in particular, that he’s not doing enough to protect civilians.” “We disagree with Mr. Netanyahu and his approach, because notwithstanding their claim to trying to be careful, we’ve seen too high of civilian casualties and it’s unacceptable.”


Ottawa Citizen (28/07/14): “Israel should be doing more to de-escalate and taking more care in dealing with civilian casualties. … The government shouldn’t be simply rubber stamping everything that comes from (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu. We should be telling him that there are too many civilian casualties and it’s unacceptable. We also have to think in terms of the Israelis who are living in fear … living in constant fear is not acceptable either.”



La Presse (14/07/14): « Je suis loin d’être ravi de la réponse de notre gouvernement. La situation, présentement, est très dangereuse. Et le Canada doit faire ce que nos alliés font déjà, c’est-à-dire appeler les deux parties à mettre fin à ce conflit, à négocier un accord au lieu d’appuyer l’une des deux parties. Car il ne peut y avoir de solution militaire à ce conflit, mais une solution politique. »


CBC News (14/07/14): “They [Conservatives] haven’t expressed the deep concern that we have, as the official opposition, as other countries have about the conflict as it affects civilians.”



I wish to reiterate NDP Leader Tom Mulcair’s call for the sustained reopening of Gaza crossing points, and the unimpeded provision of humanitarian assistance within Gaza, including food, fuel and medical treatment. This is consistent with UN Security Council resolution 1860. He has also called on the government to support the appeal by Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish for Canada to facilitate transfer of injured children to Canadian hospitals.


The NDP is the only party seeking to build bridges between Canada’s diverse communities, in support of peace. Our Foreign Affairs Critic, Paul Dewar, has continued to engage Palestinian and Israeli representatives and civil society. Hanan Ashrawi, Executive Committee Member of the Palestine Liberation Organization has responded as follows. “I particularly value your insights and principled position pertaining to Palestinian rights and our pursuit of a just peace. I remain confident of your continued support and constructive efforts in helping us achieve our freedom, self-determination, and global recognition.”


The Canadian Council of Imams (CCI), Canadians in Support of Refugees in Dire Need (CSRDN), Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and Muslim Medical Association of Canada (MMAC) have also written to us as follows:

“We are writing this letter in recognition of your just and fair policy pertaining to the Israeli Palestinian crisis. Your party has placed equal value on both Israeli and Palestinian lives and has bravely stood for ending the bloodshed, upholding human rights and abiding by international law. We the undersigned organizations applaud your position. Canada’s foreign policy must align with international law and reflect the equal value of Israeli and Palestinian life. With NDP leadership and influence we look forward to once again resuming this vital role globally.”

New Democrats remain committed to a two-state solution respectful of international law, where Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace in viable, independent and secure states with negotiated and agreed-upon borders. Let us hope that the current ceasefire endures so that food and medical supplies can enter Gaza and discussions towards a peaceful resolution can finally occur.




Linda Duncan M.P.




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