Posibilidad de Boycot de sindicatos Australianos contra Barcos Chilenos

Boycot in Australia

Multiplique esta informacion

Estimados compañeros: Les hago llegar la carta de la organizacion Australiana de Solidaridad con los Chilenos residentes, dispuestos a revivir la action del Boycot para impedir que James Sinclair sea el Embajador de Chile en Australia y por otra parte hacer presion para que  una mujer ex agente de la Dina  sea extraditada a Chile por sus responsabilidades contra los derechos humanos en los tiempos de la dictadura militar. Estoy redactando una declaracion de la comunidad chilena de Calgary, para hacerla llegar a los compañeros de Australia y publicitarla en Chile con el objeto de sumar fuerza social y politica para impedir que ex agentes de los servicios represivos de la Dictadura sean consules o embajadores.  Les ruego me escriban  para saber si estarian dispuestos a endosar la declaracion. En conversacion con la Asociacion de Chilenos al parecer estarian dispuestos, pero la idea es poner una lista de nombres y otras organizaciones de chilenos de la ciudad e incluso de la provincia de Alberta.

En solidaridad


Victor Gavilan


President, QLD Division

National Tertiary Education Union.


Dear Colleague,


Members of the Chile Solidarity National Coalition in Melbourne have today occupied the Chilean consulate there in protest against the appointment of one James Sinclair as next Chilean ambassador to Australia. Please find attached their press release, undated but of today’s date as I understand it. Sinclair was an officer of the DINA, Pinochet’s murderous secret police. A recent episode of ABC TV’s Foreign Corespondent also confirmed that successive Australian governments have protected the DINA torturer Adriana Rivas, rather than deport her to face a series of indictments in Chile: see


During the dictatorship, trade unions around the world played a major role in bringing the formal dictatorship (1973-1990) to an end, albeit that the “transition to democracy” has been little more than a civilian-military regime which has intensified rather than replaced the neoliberal economy imposed at the point of a bayonet. One of the most successful tactics of Australian trade unions was the withdrawal of essential services to the Chilean national airline and a number of firms and agencies linked to the dictatorship. There is strong sentiment among the Chilean exile and resident community that it is now time to revive this boycott tactic to force the Chilean government to replace Sinclair immediately with someone not linked to the recent fascist past. Those of us who worked to bring down the dictatorship, through many organisations, seek now to revive the Australian union movement’s great tradition of solidarity, reaching back at least to the Spanish Civil War.


We would therefore be most grateful if you would take up the matter with the NTEU national office and seek that the union urgently approach the ACTU, with a view to a public declaration that boycotts will be implemented from the time this relic of fascism leaves Chile for Australia, including action against whatever form of transport is involved.


Thank you in advance, Robert Austin



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