Tell B.C.’s federal government MPs you don’t support Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline.

Like almost two-thirds of British Columbians and more than 130 First Nations, we are concerned about Enbridge’s Northern Gateway heavy oil pipeline proposal and are encouraging government decision-makers to oppose this risky project.

We’re not giving up on a responsible and innovative clean energy future for our children and grandchildren.

It’s more important than ever to let the 21 B.C. federal government MPs know this decision is out of step with what scientists are telling us: We need to eliminate our greenhouse gas emissions over the next several decades if we want to guard against the worst impacts of climate change. This is not the time to increase our reliance on dirty fossil fuels.

Canada can do better. Instead of supporting new pipelines and oil sands expansion — the fastest growing source of carbon emissions in the country — we should be investing in a renewable energy future that meets our climate commitments and eliminates our dependence on fossil fuels.

Deciding to build the Enbridge pipeline will only ensure that carbon emissions and pollution from the oil sands continue to grow.

British Columbia’s rich coastal ecosystems and communities deserve better than the proliferation of pipelines on their lands and heavy oil tankers on their waters. We all deserve a sustainable energy future.

Please write to B.C.’s federal government MPs to let them know you don’t support the Northern Gateway pipeline project.



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