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Dear Zita,

Here at the Latin America Working Group, we believe in truth-telling. In 2013, we released three publications that do just that, and here are the highlights:

• Perilous Journey: Kidnapping and Violence against Migrants in Transit through Mexico – Five years ago, advocates at migrant shelters along the south-north train route began to systematically document and gather first-hand accounts of migrants who had survived kidnapping. From these accounts, we gain a fuller picture of the depth of this humanitarian crisis – and steps that authorities on both sides of the border can take to prevent and bring justice to this horrific violence that has traumatized migrants and their families across the region.

• Far from the Promised Land: Land Restitution on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast – The 2011 passage of the Victims’ Law raised hopes and dreams among Colombia’s hundreds of thousands of victims of violence and forced displacement. Yet a second in-depth investigation by LAWGEF with Lutheran World Relief in 2013 on the law’s implementation shows that two years later, many of its promises remain a distant dream.

• Time to Listen: Trends in U.S. Security Assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean – While military-to-military relations remain robust, the U.S. diplomatic efforts are flagging in Latin America and the Caribbean. Much of it has to do with a failure to listen to Latin American leaders’ growing calls for change. Crammed with statistics and graphics, Time to Listen guides readers through today’s trends on the U.S. security relationship with Latin America.

For the next month, LAWG is offering FREE shipping on all of our publications (only $5.00 or less) as part of our Publication Sale!

View a complete list of all available publications and order your favorite here.

Thanks for your order, your interest, and your activism for just U.S. policy towards Latin America.

– The LAWG Team

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