Tell Endesa to Cancel HidroAysén for Good!

 Tell Endesa to Cancel HidroAysén for Good!

On January 7, news broke that the majority owner of HidroAysén – Endesa Chile – removed the massive hydroelectric project from its list of active projects. But the fight isn’t over. Help stop the project once and for all by adding your voice!

HidroAysén threatens two of the country’s wildest rivers, irreplaceable wildlands and local communities. The project is fraught with high risks and has been the subject of many legal challenges, political scrutiny and intense public opposition.

In 2012, we succeeded in urging Colbún – which owns 49% of the project – to halt all work on the project due to a lack of public and political support for the dams. Now, let’s urge Endesa to join its partner and do the same. The majority of Chileans are against the project and support more sustainable energy options including solar, wind, geothermal and ocean power, which are readily available in the country.

We can put an end to HidroAysén for good! Tell the head of Endesa Chile to take the next critical step in helping Chile build a clean, sustainable energy future by canceling HidroAysén. Send your letter now and help spread the word!

Jorge Rosenblut

Chairman, Endesa Chile


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