Oh Canada! Your Home’s on Mi’kmaw Land


O Canada!

Your homes on Mi’kmaw land

True genocidal drive

By all your Queen’s command

With greedy hearts

You watched us die

Our strong Nation divided and poor

All for money and power, O Canada

We stand on guard against thee

Our land is not your commodity for fee

O Canada! We stand on guard against thee

O Canada, our Nation is still here;

O Canada! We stand on guard against thee

O Canada! Our Mi’kmaw Nation sovereign and free.



Oh Canada!

(Tu acupación) Tus casas en Territorio Mi’kmaw

O Canada!

Real conducta genocida

Por órden de tu Reina

De corazones codiciosos

Usted esperan que muramos

Nuestra sólida Nación dividida y pobre

Todo por el dinero y poder, O Canada

Estamos en guardia contra tuya

Nuestra tierra no es una mercancía por cuota

O Canada! Estamos en guardia contra ti

O Canadá, nuestra  Nación Mi’kmaw aquí está todavía;

O Canada! Estamos en guardia contra ti

O Canada! Nuestra Nación Mi’kmaw soberana y libre.

1725-26 – Peace and friendship treaties signed with Mi’kmaw to stop hostilities on all sides and protect hunting, fishing, fowling;

1752 – Treaty with Mi’kmaw confirming hunting and fishing rights;

1756 – Proclamation offering bounty for Mi’kmaw scalps;

1760-61 – Treaty with Mi’kmaw protecting hunting, fishing and trading rights (no surrender of land or sovereignty);

1971 – Donald Marshall Jr (Mi’kmaw) wrongly convicted of murder, Halifax, NS;

1981 – Police assault and arrest Mi’kmaw for exercising fishing rights in Restigouche, QC;

1998 – RCMP called in against Mi’kmaw for exercising timber rights in Listuguj, QC;

1999-01 – RCMP & DFO ram fishing boats of Mi’kmaw for exercising court-proven treaty rights in Esgenoopetij, NB;

2013 – Army of RCMP assault and arrest peaceful Mi’kmaw protecting lands from hydro-fracking in Elsipogtog, NB;

2013 – RCMP flank hydro-fracking trucks to protect them against peaceful Mi’kmaw land protectors in Elsipogtog, NB;


1725-1726 – Tratados de paz y amistad firmados con la Nación Mi’kmaw para detener las hostilidades en todos lados y proteger la caza y la pesca;

1752 – Tratado con la Nación Mi’kmaw confirmando los derechos de caza y pesca ;

1756 – Proclamación y ofrecimiento de compensación por despellejar el cabello de los Mi’kmaw ;

1760/61 – Tratado con la protección de los derechos de caza, la pesca y el comercio Mi’kmaw (sin renuncia de tierras o de la soberanía ) ;

1971 – Donald Marshall Jr. ( Mi’kmaw ) injustamente condenado por asesinato, Halifax , NS ;

1981 – Asalto policial y arresto a Mi’kmaw por ejercer el derechos de pesca en Restigouche , QC ;

1998 – Llamado de atención por parte de la policía del  RCMP en contra de los Mi’kmaw por ejercer derechos sobre la madera en Listuguj , QC ;

1999-1901 – RCMP y DFO espolonean barcos de pesca de Mi’kmaw por ejercer el derecho  de pesca; aprobado por los tribunales competentes en Esgenoopetij , NB ;

2013 – El Ejército de RCMP asaltan y detienen protesta pacíficaen protección del territorio Mi’kmaw en contra  hidro- fracking en Elsipogtog , NB ;

2013 – RCMP protege camiones hidro- fracking contra manifestaciones pacíficas Mi’kmaw que demandan la protecciones de sus territories en Elsipogtog , NB ;


Elsipogtog grassroots declare “victory” on the highway, while leadership aims to stop SWN in courtroom

APTN National News, Nov 14, 2013

The people confronting the RCMP as they protect SWN trucks and equipment, Nov 14, 2013.

The people confronting the RCMP, who are providing security for  SWN trucks and equipment, Nov 14, 2013.

ELSIPOGTOG FIRST NATION, NBMi’kmaq demonstrators declared “victory” Thursday after stopping thumper trucks belonging to a Houston-based energy company from conducting shale gas exploration north of Elsipogtog First Nation.

While about 100 Mi’kmaq and supporters faced a line of RCMP officers as SWN Resources Canada’s thumper trucks idled in the background, the Elsipogtog band council was 200 kilometres away in a Fredericton courtroom seeking an ex parte injunction to stop SWN from continuing the exploration work. A hearing on the injunction is set for Friday.

On Hwy 11 tensions ran high as Mi’kmaq demonstrators from Elsipogtog and other communities along with non-First Nations supporters tried to block SWN from operating their thumper trucks while the RCMP tried to intervene. SWN eventually decided to turn the trucks around with plans for another attempt expected Friday.



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