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The next thing you do could stop a terrible weapons deal.


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The timing is absolutely critical for you to take action right away – please urge your Member of Parliament to stop this awful waste of our public dollars from going ahead.


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Let me explain what’s happening. The Harper government is pushing forward with a huge $2 billion contract to purchase more than 100 tanks, called “close combat vehicles.”


What is so crazy about this deal is that the Canadian Army doesn’t even want these tanks!


That’s right, Harper is going to waste $2 billion on close combat vehicles despite the generals’ requests that the money be spent on something useful, like training.


This is an arms deal that only the corporations and Harper want . . .


Big foreign tank manufacturers – American, French and British companies – are working at the highest political levels possible to get hold of our public dollars.


It’s amazing, but here in Ottawa we have seen a rare split between Harper, the military, and the companies over these tanks. From media reports, and speaking with our own sources, here is what we think is happening:


You see, Harper is working closely with the big weapons corporations, and wants to use the multi-billion-dollar deal to build political support for his Conservative government from the arms industry and the gun lobby. He wants to block Canada from signing the new United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, too.
Harper is important to the weapons corporations, which are desperate to find more contracts to offset their losses as global military spending declines, and they have been lobbying for contracts from Harper to help prop up their industries in their home countries.
The other player is the Canadian Army, which made a big mistake pushing for these tanks several years ago for Afghanistan. But now the war is over, and there have been some reductions to the Army’s training and operations budget. They don’t want to take on the massive financial burden of these unneeded tanks, just to keep Harper and the corporations happy.


Because of your past support, together we have forced the lobbying out into the open!


A report a few weeks ago, written by researchers Michael Byers and Stewart Webb, proved that the tanks weren’t needed.


The arms industry panicked and came back with a newspaper article, and frantic lobbying behind the scenes.


But that’s not where it ended. Then there was this surprise. . .


Incredibly, when asked about our report on CTV, retired General Rick Hillier – the architect of Canada’s Afghanistan war – came out against Harper’s tank deal, saying that the tanks weren’t needed (presumably he said this at the request of Canada’s currently serving army generals).


The deal was rumoured to be dead, but then a “government source” told the National Post that’s not the case at all, and Harper is still planning on moving forward with the $2 billion arms buy.


That’s why we need to take action right away. Together we’ve stalled the F-35 stealth fighter, and there is a chance to prevent this rip-off too.


We need to have our MPs speak out. All of the opposition parties have been too quiet about the deal. There must also be some Conservatives who worry about their image as “good fiscal managers” when they see Harper’s wasteful spending.

Parliament has returned this week. Let’s send a message to all the MPs: Close Down Harper’s Close Combat VehiclesPlease sign the petition, right away.

Steven Staples, co-founder of


P.S. Help stop Harper wasting $2 billion on combat vehicles that the Army doesn’t even want – sign the petition, right away.



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