Ask Stephen Harper to say no to tar sands expansion and yes to a green energy future.

Take action Yesterday, 15 activists and I, chained ourselves to a Kinder Morgan pipeline terminus in Metro Vancouver, B.C. in protest of tar sands expansion.

Our actions were in response to the federal government’s renewed effort to push two tar sands pipelines through British Columbia as well as pipelines to the U.S. and through eastern Canada and Quebec.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s plan to expand the tar sands has run into an “unbroken wall of opposition” in B.C. including over 130 First Nations, along with environmental groups and supporters like you, who recognize that every extra tanker or kilometer of pipeline increases the risks to the environment and communities.

Eastern Pipeline projects are facing the same strong opposition in Ontario and Quebec as well as in the United States for the Keystone XL pipeline project.

The tar sands are already the fastest rising source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada and one of the largest reserves of fossil fuels on the planet. It would be reckless to deepen our addiction to oil by building new tar sands pipelines when we should be investing those resources into green alternatives.

Our voices keep growing louder and our message is clear – it is time for Stephen Harper to say no to tar sands expansion and yes to a green energy future. Send your message to Prime Minister Harper now .

The 15 activists and I wore an Arctic 30 armband in solidarity with the 30 people currently detained in Russia for taking peaceful action to protect the Arctic from the oil industry. Whether its Arctic oil drilling north of Russia or tar sands pipelines in Canada – with your help – we will continue to oppose dirty oil projects around the world.

Please join me today by sending a message to Prime Minister Harper: Ask him to stop encouraging the tar sands industry and start building the green energy future that we need .

In solidarity,

Keith Stewart – Locked down

Keith Stewart
Climate and Energy Coordinator
Greenpeace Canada



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